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       It all started with a deejay named Alan Freed,who’s credited for coining the phrase “rock ‘n roll”. In the days of segregated radio play, Freed was one of a handful of white disc jockeys playing the R&B hits the kids wanted to dance to. Freed took it to New York, became thecountry’s #1 deejay, and soon the whole country was rocking. Well, not the whole country. A group of conservative politicians, urged on by horrified parents, and looking for an election year issue, opened an investigation into the pay-for-play Payola, taking away the deejays’ freedom, and destroying Freed’s career, but rock ‘n roll was here to stay. Hosted by Danny Bonaduce. Starring Cousin Brucie Morrow, Dan Ingram, Dick Biondi, Art Laboe, Rick Shaw, Fabian, Lesley Gore, Lance Freed and others.

Watch trailer here

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