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If you want to know how American works, look at what hapoened to Rock Radio. For fifty years it was our revolutionary medium. Radio had the power to move people. And deejays seiezed it. In the 1950's a handful of AM pioneers introduced White America to Black R&B. Deejay changed the course of American culture branded by branding it Rock 'n Roll.

cousin brucie.jpg

In its glory years, 

personalities like Cousin Brucie Morrow, Murray The K, Dan Ingram, Jerry Blavat, Casey Kasem. Dick Biondi and Wolfman Jack ruled the airwaves. But Rock Radio always had powerful enemies. Congress held "Payola" hearings to target the personalities breaking down economic and racial barriers. Alan Freed got booted off the air.

"Deejays Got Too Much Power and They Brought Them Down."

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