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Retro Microphone

After the payola investigation, AM lost its rebel edge. It was the 60’s and there was a 

revolution going on – sex, drugs and the anti-war movement -  with a soundtrack – in stereo – by artists like Bob Dylan, The Doors and Jefferson Airplane. They moved to the previously ignored FM band, led by Top 40 deejay turned underground hero, Tom Donahue. New York and other cities followed, and soon young listeners all over the country were marching to this different drummer.


After the Vietnam War ended, it was time to stop marching and….do the Hustle. Disco was the start of a more commercial era for FM. Radio became big business, and deejays were losing their freedom again. Three decades of deejays including Rick Dees, Raechel Donahue, JJ Jackson, Pete Fornatale and Ben Fong-Torres share their stories  in Rock Jocks, along with such artists as Grace Slick, David Crosby and the Grateful Dead’s Bob Weir.

Watch trailer here.

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